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Who I Am

With 12 years of experience selling real estate, a background in Accounting, and an owner of multiple businesses, Michele is your Central/Northwest CT real estate expert and resource. Known for her "tell it how it is" approach, you can count on getting accurate advice and expert results.


Strategy is KEY in real estate and Michele prides herself on having an "in the trenches" and "instinctual" business background.

Prior to real estate, Michele built a six year background in accounting, a background in personal training, and a competitive and championship history in both natural bodybuilding and fitness. Michele also graduated Cum Laude, in three of four years, with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut, and then went on to obtain a Master's degree in Accounting. While at the University, Michele was hired as a Resident Assistant on campus.


Michele is also a 15 year fitness professional and is sought after nationally for her coaching and choreography for athletes in competitive physique based competitions.


Michele recently owned and operated a full service gym business in Avon, CT. During her ownership she tripled the personal training demand of her staff. She also created the "Michele Approved Movement(R)" identifying the best of the best local businesses, created "Michele Approved" healthy menus in 4 different restaurants, and implemented a grocery list with over 200 shelf tags in a local supermarket identifying "Michele Approved" foods. Michele's unique marketing strategies caught the eye of many publications and businesses wanting to collaborate for her "stamp" of approval.


Michele sold the gym in March 2016 to instead integrate her "outside of the box" marketing strategies and personalized service to grow a locally owned, family run, cutting edge boutique real estate brokerage and start a family of her own.


Michele is never too busy for in-person or phone consultations.

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